Original Master Artwork by

Mary C. Balsis

Mary C. Balsis

Artistic Prodigy

Private Collection

"The magnificence of a fuchsia blossom, the craggy face of an old man, the exhilarating colors of nature...these images are inspiring to me. I have an endless fascination for life and the environment. This seems to continuously stimulate my brush to create contour strokes and the composition of opposite colors. I want to make visible on canvas what cannot be otherwise fully expressed".

M.C. Balsis' unique collection of acrylic abstracts transforms the canvas into an explosion of movement, light and edge. The viewer is captivated by the glorious images, which attack the senses with pools of color and arresting displays.

Born on March 18, 1956 in Baltimore, MD, the prodigious talent of M.C. Balsis became readily apparent when at the age of three, she was awarded an art scholarship to the University of Maryland. Having developed her artistic gift for sensual contour lines, simplicity of color and an instinctive expression of form by the age of sixteen, Mary C. Balsis was awarded a second scholarship to the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Balsis went to Northridge Univierity and she was personlly mentored by art scholer Profissor Irving Block.

She then continued her advanced education at Otis Art Instatute and San Fransisco Art Instatute where her abstract paintings brought her talent to the attention of the Public and Private Collectors.

M.C. Balsis juxtaposes her vivid acrylic abstract style with the elegant realism of her drawings. Enthralling and poignant in black and white, Balsis' pointillism brilliantly captures an intensity of the human spirit through the sheer simplicity of pen and ink. Re-visiting this medium she often chooses to add simple colors offering more depth to further illuminate her compelling images.

George Bernard Shaw
Balsis Dove Girl
Balsis Country Couple
Balsis Abstract 1
Balsis 1940's Women
Mother Nursing
Mother Nursing
Balsis Palm 1
Balsis Palm 1
Balsis Palm 1